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A New Generation of Self-Contained,
Self-Rescue Oxygen Systems

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Winner of the 2016
Mining Magazine Safety Award
Miner disconnecting from Charger 10 and docking to Charger 150 in less than 20 seconds.

Oxon Medical LifeSystems






Shown above is a miner disconnecting from the Charger 10 and
docking to the Charger 150 in less than 20 seconds.

How it works:


As breathable oxygen gas is extracted from a safe chemical reaction within the device, the exhaled breath of the user is filtered through a benign scrubber unit to remove carbon dioxide from the exhaled air of the user.

The cleansed exhalation is then circulated back into the flow of fresh oxygen to maximize clean closed-circuit efficiency.
The quick-disconnect feature permits simple, safe transitions from Charger 10 to a Charger 150 without removing the hood - a safety seal traps breathable air in hoses and blocks contaminated ambient air until safely docked.  These OXON oxygen generators are unique in that the hood does not require a mouthpiece. The exhaled breath is recirculated. It is scrubbed and reused.

It allows the user to orally communicate with others. In many mining disasters, victims have complained that they could not communicate with others without taking out of their mouths the pressurized oxygen mouthpiece from our competitors supplied units. Many miners have died by taking out the mouthpiece in an attempt to communicate.

The OXON Dockable SCSR Oxygen Generating System delivers safe, breathable oxygen to an individual during an emergency.

OXON's Original Research has finally displaced traditional dangers associated with SCSR's.

NO LITHIUM HYDROXIDE Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) nanotechnology protects users from corrosive chemicals while 'scrubbing' out carbon dioxide.

NO POTASSIUM SUPEROXIDE The system does not use or contain corrosive oxygen "generating" chemicals. All chemicals and components used are benign.

GYRO WATER COOLER Cools down the activation heat and simultaneously acts as a secondary scrubber that cleans toxins from the gases and enables the units to operate in a vertical or horizontal position.

UNINTERRUPTED Docking and safety-seal hose features permit smooth transition from Charger 10 to the Charger 150.

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Charger 10:  10 minutes of operation

Weights: 4 lbs.
Dimensions: 6" x 7" x 2.5"
Durations: 10 minutes

Charger 150: 2.5 hours of operation

Weights: 8 lbs.
Dimensions:12" x 14" x 4"
Durations: 2.5 hours (150 minutes)


Charger 10 and Charger 150 will conform to the requirements of the Mining Safety and Health Association (MSHA) Miners Act of 2006
and the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) Certification 42 CFR-84, in addition to conforming to the
Australian South Wales Codes MDG 3006 MRT 4 and MDG 3006 MRT 7.

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