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Saving Lives Worldwide

Worldwide applicationsThe worldwide market for OXON Medical Life Systems non-explosive life sustaining dockable systems is enormous.  Thousands of  underground mines and millions of miners are at risk for their very lives when an accident happens.  The fight for life and oxygen is truly an adrenalin rush.  The fear level and panic are at the peak when these events happen.  Our simple to use dockable oxygen generating system can save lives.  To assist in saving these lives is our goal.

EXPOs & Trade Shows

Santiago, Chile

Coal Prep
Lexington, KY

Australian Tunneling Conference
Melbourne, Australia

American Longwall
Pittsburg, PA

Rocky Mountain Coal
Mining Institute

Park City, Utah

Electra Mining Africa

MINExpo International
Las Vegas


OXON ... Focused on R&D

OXON is a marketing-focused research and development enterprise. If research establishes a viable product development opportunity, OXON employs strategic marketing to cultivate target market awareness with product information. By utilizing appropriate media and communication channels, OXON nurtures market awareness concurrently with product development to build a successful product launch.

OXON has had editorials published by Longwall Magazine, North American edition, Miner News, and Coal USA.

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